Central Energy Source (CES) - Battery

The Central Energy Source (CES) is the latest in a family of Conformable batteries from Denchi Power. The evolutionary device replaces the normal rigid case with a flexible canvas covered pouch. The pack can store, deliver, and scavenge power lessening the weight burden and eliminating cables and the need to carry spare batteries. This battery incorporates its own integrated charging circuitry and offers flexibility and seamless plug and play.

The CES has been developed for use in the BAE SYSTEMS Broadsword™ Spine™ system used to power the wireless Torso Vest. It is a key power source for the fully integrated dismounted soldier, with battery power scavenger and charging all in one. It also conforms to the UK Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA) Standard - Def Stan 23 - 12. As it uses the same Lithium-Ion cells as more conventional batteries, the CES will give the same long run time as other Denchi Power batteries. This battery is part of the long line of successful Denchi Power products that have delivered powerful energy solutions to soldiers operating in active theatres. Denchi Power continues to meet the evolving needs of all military.

Part Number: 430954

NSN: Pending

Voltage: 14.4 V

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