6T Lithium-ion - Battery

The Denchi Power Lithium-ion 6T vehicle battery is an entirely new concept in battery design and incorporates the latest in Lithium-ion technology. It benefits from Denchi Power’s strong heritage in building batteries for use in the most extreme conditions and also from their deep understanding of the modern Military need. This new battery incorporates high power cells, which when combined with an impressive energy density ensures the very best possible operation for armoured vehicles of all sizes and capabilities.

6140-01-485-1472 6140-15-180-0587

The battery has been designed to provide an outstanding level of Silent Watch capability, but also provides unparalleled power that will ensure a Main Battle Tank main engine start, even under the most  extreme conditions. Its long life, light weight and flexible operating characteristics provide the optimum in vehicle mounted portable power. This new concept of high powered battery is one of a long line
of successful Denchi Power products that continues to deliver powerful energetic solutions to soldiers operating in active theatres.

Part Number: 430935

NSN: Pending

Voltage: 25.9 V

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