CLB (Conformable) - battery

The Conformable Lithium-ion Battery (CLB) is the latest in a long line of innovative batteries from Denchi Power. The evolutionary design replaces the normal rigid case, which can be awkward for the soldier to carry and replaces it with a flexible canvas pouch to hold the cells. The battery is designed for comfort of carrying and uses its universal clips to be mounted anywhere on the soldier’s body.  NSN 6140-99-841-6621.

The CLB is designed to pass all of the rigorous environmental and EMC tests expected of any military battery and is approved for operational use. With its range of output cables it can be used to power any electronic equipment carried by the user. As it uses the same Lithium-ion cells as more conventional batteries, the CLB will give the same long run time as other Denchi Power batteries.

This battery is one of the latest in a long line of successful Denchi Power products that have delivered powerful energy solutions to soldiers operating in active theatres. Denchi Power continues to develop the latest battery and charger technologies, to meet the evolving needs of military forces.


Part number: 430957

Nominal Voltage: 14.4V

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