BB-2590 Smart - battery

The ‘smart’ Denchi Power BB-2590 is a Level 3 Smart battery, incorporating the latest in Lithium-ion cell technology. It provides high capacity and benefits from Denchi Power’s strong heritage of developing and delivering batteries for use in the most extreme conditions for both military and aerospace applications.  Equivalent to NSN 6140-01-490-4316.  6130-99-342-1238

The Denchi Power BB-2590 is a world class battery specifically designed and manufactured for demanding military use. As a ‘smart’ battery it incorporates an SMBus interface which gives it the capability to communicate with the host equipment, as well as control how it is charged from any Level 3 Smart Charger. This reduces the risk of incorrect usage, increases its flexibility on the battle field so prolonging  its life and overall lifecycle costs.

This battery is one of the latest in a long line of successful Denchi Power products that have delivered powerful energy solutions to soldiers operating in active theatres. Denchi Power continues to develop the latest battery and charger technologies, to meet the evolving needs of military forces.

Part Number: 430852

NSN: 6130-99-342-1238 / 6140-01-490-4316

Voltage Range: 20-32.8V (24V mode) and 10–16.4V (12V mode)

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