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Denchi Group Ltd is a leading supplier and manufacturer of batteries and chargers to the global defence industry. We have over 20 years heritage in supplying products for military radios, vision systems, manned military vehicles, unmanned aeronautical vehicles (UAVs), unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Although defence is our core market we also produce batteries for other markets including security, oil and gas and medical where the capability to design to stringent specifications and produce highly reliable and highly robust products is critically important. We have a range of standard products but much of our business is focused on designing products for specific applications. Please contact the team if you have an enquiry.
Dismounted Soldier - Lithium-ion military and defence batteries and chargers
Dismounted Soldier Batteries

Our Lithium-ion battery products provide rugged and durable power for communication and auxiliary equipment

CES Battery Dismounted soldier - Lithium-ion military and defence batteries and chargers, MIL Standards

CES (Central Energy Source)

Featured Product:


The Central Energy Source (CES) is the latest in a family of Conformable batteries from Denchi Power. The evolutionary device replaces the normal rigid case with a flexible canvas covered pouch. The pack can store, deliver, and scavenge power lessening the weight burden and eliminating cables and the need to carry spare batteries. This battery incorporates its own integrated charging circuitry and offers flexibility and seamless plug and play. It will power a broad range of electronic devices and can scavenge power quickly from equipment such as solar panels, vehicles or other primary or re-chargeable batteries.

Military Vehicle - Lithium-ion military and defence batteries and chargers
Military Vehicle Batteries

The benefits of Lithium-ion battery technology is evident in the military vehicle stealth and energy capacity density

6T Military Vehicle Battery - Lithium-ion military and defence battery, MIL Standards

6T Lithium-ion

Featured Product:

The Denchi Power Lithium-ion 6T vehicle battery is an entirely new concept in battery design and incorporates the latest in Lithium-ion technology. It benefits from Denchi Power’s strong heritage in building batteries for use in the most extreme conditions and also from their deep understanding of the modern Military need. This new battery incorporates high power cells, which when combined with an impressive energy density ensures the very best possible operation for armoured vehicles of all sizes and capabilities. The 6T battery has been designed to provide a combined engine start and silent watch capability.

Unmanned Vehicles UAV - Lithium-ion military and defence batteries and chargers
Unmanned Vehicles Batteries

Supplying solutions for autonomous vehicles in the military markets on land, in the sea and air UAV's

Unmanned Vehicle UAV - Lithium-ion military and defence batteries and chargers, MIL Standards


Featured Product:


The Denchi Power range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) batteries have been designed with the need for light weight and high power and incorporate the latest Lithium-ion technology. They benefit from Denchi Power’s strong heritage of building batteries for use in the most extreme conditions. The Sparrowhawk incorporates high capacity cells which are managed by integrated control electronics, which give the best possible level of operation. These batteries have been developed to provide outstanding airborne operations and can be tested to both new and existing UAV's.

Chemistry choice


Denchi utilises a broad range of chemistries with the choice driven by the requirements of the application.


Primary chemistries:


Lithium Manganese Dioxide

Lithium Thionyl Chloride 

Lithium Sulphur Dioxide


Silver Oxide



Secondary (rechargeable) chemistries:



  - Nickel Cobalt Aluminium

  - Nickel Manganese Cobalt

  - Lithium Iron Phosphate

Nickel Metal Hydride

Nickel Cadmium



Denchi Group


Denchi Power is part of the Denchi Group which includes:


Denchi Power - Batteries and chargers for the defence industry


Oldham - Lamps, batteries and chargers for the mining, oil & gas and defence industry.


SLICE - Large battery systems for grid, industry, residential and marine.